Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hatch Day!

Well, hatch day is here and the kids are SO excited! We THINK we detect a lot of eggs vibrating around, one has been reported to roll over, soft peeps may or may not have been heard. We are going to TRY to get some schoolwork done this morning, but I suspect we won't be terribly successful. We are trying to get the broody box up to the right temperature, but I think we might have to run to Tractor Supply for yet another heat lamp. It seems the luxury brooder box is a bit larger and will need 2 heat lamps to maintain the right heat.
Gracie is loving it -she won't leave the incubator. She feels the need to cluck to them regularly to tell them they can come out now. She is recording all her observations in her journal and asking tons of questions. We watched a hatching video on ytube so I could prepare them for the slimy, dinosaur-looking way they look when they come out.
So - I'll post more pictures as things get interesting! This has been such a fun project for the whole family! We have all learned so much! Today the kids were asking complicated things like, "Do chicken's imprint?" I know what imprinting is - you know, the first face they see, they think it is their mother. But I have no idea. I think that is probably the best kind of project -to choose - something that you have NO CLUE about and just ask and learn together.

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