Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

Well, we spent most of the snow day nursing our 3 baby chicks. Poor homeschoolers get no slack, even on a snow day. The local schools were on delayed arrival - our version of delayed arrival is a shortened schedule of math, spelling, and lots of reading and crafting for fun. I forgot to adjust my camera for that red heat lamp, sorry. The chicks are cute, fluffy and doing well. They are showing an interest in food.
The big one with the stripes must be a rooster -he kind of bullys the other two.

Dad was home all day because of snowy weather. We didn't get near as much as most areas around us, just a good covering on the ground.

Other kids in this family have projects too, you know. Daniel's project is a volcano, he got started on the painting today. Ally is working on a project all about caffeine - she is asking for volunteers to give up caffeine for a day and record results or symptoms.

The surgical removal of the egg (see post below) was not necessarily a good idea. We've spent most of the day wondering when this little one would pass on to chicky heaven. He might possibly be crippled -if he makes it we'll call him Miracle. We are pretty sure the others would peck him to death if we placed him with them. Plus they would probably make fun of the egg shell permanently stuck to his butt and give him a serious complex.
He's still chirping and seems to have a will to live, so we are going to put him in the broody box tonight, but in a shoe box to keep him away from others. We don't expect him to make it really, but somehow Byron has gotten kind of attached to him.

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