Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes, another chicken post!

Well, the 2 chicks in the broody box are doing great. They seem happy, warm and content.
But we have these 3 in the incubator that just are not progressing! We can see them breathing in there, but they seem to have lost all interest in coming out. For those of you who know about these things, what are we doing wrong?

It had been almost 48 hours and this one had not changed much. We knew he was alive, so Byron decided to do a little Cesarean? - he did not damage any of the inner membrane, but he just picked some of the shell off of the top of the egg.
We really don't know if this was a bad idea or not - this is what he (or she) looks like currently. So pitiful! Still breathing, and apparently okay, but not moving the rest of the way out of the shell yet. Maybe we just need to have some more patience! Today makes the 23rd day. Gracie called Tuesday hatch day, but it has become hatch week and I am ready to get these babies out of the incubator!

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Farming On Faith said...

My Brian has helped many times in the classroom with this problem. He says to leave them be and don't try to help them out. Some may not make it~I will say a little prayer for your children. I know how I feel about my chickens! As silly as it may seem to others I love my girls.
Here is where I get expert advice on chickens~
Terri is great to answer any questions and has helped me many times with sick chickens. She knows her stuff. YOu will enjoy your visit there,
I hope all goes well today with the baby chicks!