Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Making Homemade Candles

We made homemade candles today. You can spend a lot buying all your supplies at a craft stores, but with a little advanced planning, you can do this very cheap! A block of wax is over $8 at a craft store, but who doesn't have 4 or 5 half-burned candles laying around? Here's what we did. First, we chopped up some old candles. We have a good supply from my grandmother - who saved every half-burnt candle since the 60's.
Next, we put the chopped up wax in a coffee can on my crafting skillet (I picked it up at a garage sale for messy melting projects). It takes a long time to melt so we will check on it all day as we do schoolwork.
Then - we have to get everything ready. We chopped up old crayons to dye the wax. The dye is like $3.50 at craft stores & old crayons work just as well. We added some Fragrance to the wax. I did have to spend about $3 on that. This batch was cinnamon, so we used about half a red crayon.Then we prepared the jars. My grandmother had tons of these, so I didn't have that expense. Most of these are recycled jelly jars. I had to buy the metal wick clips at the bottom of the jar, and the wick. About $4 total. You can reuse wick from a half-burnt candle, too. So in all I will be able to make about 12 candles for around $4 -(would've been $7, but I had several good Michael's coupons). To prepare the jars, hot glue the wick clips to the bottom of the jar. I've never had trouble with the wick coming up, although there's a chance the hot glue will get hot as the candle burns and detach itself from the bottom.

Last, when the wax is all melted, I just pick up the coffee can with a potholder and pour it into the jars. These smell really good, too.

My next project is to make my husband's candles - he likes it when I make a batch of vanilla scented candles and put coffee beans in the bottom. As the candle melts it smells like vanilla flavored coffee - one of his greatest loves. I'll tie these up with raffia bows and give them as gifts -these 4 are small candles to be used on the tops of packages.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I am definitely going to try these.

Jessica said...

What a fun project and it clears up those unfinished candles! :)

Abbi said...

We made candles last week using up our old candles too. It is so much fun to change something that is worn out into something useful again. We had fun making some striped candles this time.

Stephanie said...

Great idea! I've been looking for something simple to do with the kids for a few small gifts for friends or to finish off gifts for family. These will work perfectly! I love the idea of vanilla/coffee beans. Will definitely try!

Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home