Thursday, November 19, 2009

History Fair!

Daniel's History Fair Project on Daniel Boone. He had such a great time making things and working on the book he made. He made a covered wagon, teepee, log house, and he even sewed the pouch for bullets on his belt.
Gracie did her project over the Pioneers. Her project was very popular - she had a bunch of recipes, and samples of Johnny Cakes, and a lot of craft projects like quilting, and a rag rug, cornhusk doll, and a quill pen. We still haven't figured out that drop spindle yet.

And - the big winner of the 10 and up judged division (the younger group was not judged). Ally got 1st place! Her project was very interesting. She displayed many of the ways women spies of the Civil War hid messages and did their spying. She had a loaf of bread with a message in it, a hollow egg with a message, and she made a hoop skirt for her doll to demonstrate how they hid things in their skirts and hair-do's. There were around 55 participants in all. The contest was judged by college history professors. Now Ally wants to enter her project in the regional history fair in February. The kids got all kinds of neat prizes - each of them got a gift certificate for a dozen donuts.

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