Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Boy, our first evening of work at the Scholastic Distribution Center wore Ally and I out! It was hard work, but SO worth it on so many levels. We were working for $10 an hour credit in books -which is great. It was so nice to let Ally earn some Christmas gifts on her own - I mean how many 11 year olds can make that kind of money? And of course Ally is a book nut like her mother!
But, more than that - what a great teaching moment to teach her about work ethic! I was working side by side with her and reminding her we can't dawdle through the books as we would like to. It was a great moment to practically apply Col 3:23, " Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, no for men." Ally is such a practical kid, and she is really careful with money. But working for pay also really helped her see the value of money and work a little differently. She really wants 39 Clues book 6 which is priced at $12.99. We had been working over an hour when she began to get tired and I reminded her she had just almost paid for that 1 book! I think by the end of the night she decided to wait until the library gets it.

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Tressa said...

Hi there! Just saw the link to the bottom of your email and glad I stopped by! Im a blogging momma too! Its wonderful to see other families online!

I love this post. I think its great to teach our children work ethic. I toniced that the money my girls earn, gets spent wisely versus money given to them. Such a great learning experience!