Friday, September 11, 2009

Chef Gracie's Lunch Creations

Gracie made these great creations for lunch yesterday. It's a dog, can you tell? She is such a great cook and kitchen helper! I was cooking some chicken in the crockpot and I said, "Gracie could you mix up some of your special sauce?" She whipped up a batch of the best homemade barbecue sauce you could imagine, and the chicken was delicious. We were talking about it with some friends later and someone asked her for her recipe, and she didn't want to share it! I guess it is a secret between her and her daddy. All I know is when they cook, it looks to me like they are doing more tasting than cooking.

We got the dog a backpack today. The kids put their bags on so she wouldn't feel strange - so maybe she would understand that it was like theirs? She tried to chew on it at first, but now she really doesn't seem to mind it. We didn't put any weight in for a while, then we tried a couple of books on each side. The weight didn't make any difference to her. We can't wait to try it out on the trail! She will have to carry her own food, 1 water bottle, and a collapsible food dish while we are hiking.

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