Monday, September 7, 2009

The Week Ahead & Behind

The weekend was a lot of fun, but everyone is completely wiped out. We worked in Max and Nana's new shed and Byron built some steps for their porch. He is so handy! Gracie went home with my brother Todd and his wife, Allison, and she got to ride horses and had a wonderful time! The highlight of her weekend? Learning to pick rocks out of a horse's hoof and trotting by herself on a horse.The girls modeling their handmade aprons - and making cupcakes.
Daniel drove the mower by himself all over the property.
We are all pretty dog-tired! Especially the dog -who, it was no secret - is truly a city dog. Country life wore her out! We have a busy week of school. We are finishing our study of reptiles and amphibians - and plants. All of this in preparation for the week long nature field trip and back country backpacking trip to Arkansas in two weeks. One of the reasons for the Labor Day weekend at Max and Nana's was to be thoroughly trained on the workings of their 5th wheel camper so we can borrow it for our trip. However, much of the trip we will be hiking and sleeping in the woods.
Ally and I will be volunteering in a book distribution center for two nights this week - we will make around $240 in free book credits for working over the next two weeks. Oops, now everybody knows what they are getting for Christmas. Neither of us mind seeing all the neat new books - so we are looking forward to it. Scholastic books uses a lot of homeschoolers for these programs - they know we will work for books.

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