Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sherry Shalom Jenkins came to visit us today with her parents, Wes and Jessica. We had a fun visit. She is a very beautiful baby! A thick head of hair and so smart and alert!
I'd say she favors Wes, but she is WAY too pretty to take after him. It must be Jessica she gets her good looks from! They got to go to Antioch with us this morning. The kids were glad to see that Wes is still silly! They were a bit worried that he might have become a grown up or something!
Daniel's room ALWAYS looks like this! He has to build a fort every morning 1st thing and the bigger the better - it generally takes up the whole room - AND he can never get to his clothes in his dresser. SO, Dad built him a fort bed Saturday night. It is VERY cool! And maybe we can not have his room look like this anymore. He is so excited!
Here's the bed - almost finished just some staining, sanding, sealing. Daniel wants to put fabric around the bottom so that it will be more "fort-ish." I'll take a picture of it when it is all done. Once again, it is so great to be married to a genius, Byron put it together so quickly! He is really enjoying having some time to pursue some of these woodworking kind of projects - between softball practices, that is.

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