Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gracie Day

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Our church has a VBS just for preschool - kindergarten Tues-Thurs; Ally was asked to help and Daniel is attending, so that leave each day for some major middle child attention. I told her this is what it is like to be an only child. She absolutely loved it! As you can imagine big ear-to-ear Gracie size grins! Today we went and got manicures and pedicures, walked around the mall, and drank Icees. She couldn't choose between the purple and blue.

Softball toes - in honor of Ally and her team -who play in the regional little league softball tournament this weekend. If they advance from here, they go to the state tournament.

Yes, she pretty much grinned and giggled like this through the whole thing! She wasn't a big fan of the massaging chair, though.
We had a very fun day! I asked her what she wanted to do to top this tomorrow, and she wants stay home, curl up on my bed and have me read a new big chapter book to her, Rowanhood - the story of Robin Hood's daughter. I think we can do that!
Daniel is looking foward to a weekend of pampering and fun at Grandma's by himself this weekend! And Ally - well, it seems like the whole month has been about her with All-Stars. She gets Daddy all to herself at her practices every night.

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