Monday, June 22, 2009

Ally off to Camp

We got up very early this morning to drive Ally to Grand Prairie to attend church camp with Crossroads Christian Church and her cousin, Katelyn. She won't know many people, but if I know Ally, she'll have a lot of friends before the week is over. We left at 6am this morning, I don't think Ally slept much last night either. She has been looking forward to camp and I know we will be missing her all week. She will also go to Antioch's camp in July, but it is only 3 days and she wanted to go to camp for a whole week. She is excited about the zipline and swimming everyday. The current forecast now says 103 degrees Wednesday - what a week to be out in the heat!
We had to drive over and see the new Cowboy's stadium while we were there - this is not it, this is the Texas Ranger's stadium...

This is the new Cowboys stadium. Daniel wanted to see it before Daddy did. They were very impressed. They are actually standing at the same spot, which tells you how close the stadiums are to each other.

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Erin said...

They shipped Evan and Elissa off to camp this morning as well, except Evan forgot his bathroom bag... No toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, hair gell.

Will be interesting >.<