Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't Find the Camera

How dare I post something with no pictures? I know. It must be at my parent's house. Maybe it's in the car somewhere?

We've been in Corsicana a lot this week. My grandmother went to see Jesus on Monday. We had a kind of fun funeral on Wednesday. It was a very appropriate celebration of a life. We helped my parents a little with cleaning out her house. Like so many who lived through the Depression, she was a bit of a pack rat, but fortunately she was highly organized about it. Everything is neatly boxed and labeled. We haven't been able to do much to the property for several years, even mowing would upset her. So, the pecan trees and a lot of things are really needing some TLC. We would love all these projects if it weren't for the heat! It is SO HOT! Weather forecast says 101 for several days in the week ahead. My parents will remodel some things and move into the house in the next year.

I've been loving reading that Restoration Series by Terry Blackstock - appeals to the survivalist in me (see shelf)! Ally DID make the All-Star Team. Because of the area of their league, they go directly to regionals in July. She will begin nightly practices when she gets back from church camp next week. Daniel had a wonderful time at Football Camp, and Gracie is just a-working in the kitchen and reading and trying to learn to juggle. We are having a fun summer, but busier than I had hoped. The heat is making the kids want to stay in and watch TV or play wii too much, so that has become a constant battle.
Love to all,

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