Monday, May 4, 2009

changing methods

Ally does her work on her bed in her room.
Gracie makes a nest for herself out of pillows on my bed and curls up to work.

Daniel has the treehouse all to himself.

I always said in teaching "normal" school that May calls for a total change of methods. I would move my classroom around, put up new bulletin boards, plan new ways of motivating students, and more active learning. So, we are doing that as well. My students get a touch a spring fever at this time of year and so I have to find some ways to keep them going. We will still be doing a lot of neat school stuff in the summer. We'll be catching up on art and Spanish that we didn't have much time for, and we will be a part of a FIAR (Five In A Row) Co-op that will meet once a week.

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Vonnie said...

Tara and family,
I just love looking at all the pics and reading about your lives. We miss you so much. BTW, Tara, I love the new haircut. So chic! Abby sure is growing as are the kids. You take care and give everyone a hug for me!
'Miss' Vonnie