Monday, October 27, 2008

Hiking Trip

We took the day off today because Daniel was out of school and we went hiking in a local nature preserve. It was a lot of fun. We all have our backpacks with hydration packs in them and we had lunch near a swamp. It was great weather for a hike! It felt like we were in the mountains. We'll be pretty busy most of the week with preparations for the Fall Festival, big Wednesday plans, and feeding the football team.

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Aunt Kim said...

Sounds like fun! That was a nice way to honor Elana's b-day. I sure do miss ya'll...especially last weekend at Great Wolf. I wish I had a sister to go scrapbooking w/ this weekend. Linda Brunton came in the Center today. Did you know she has colon cancer? She's on chemo. She's off right now but she's Andy's teacher at Bowie(?). She's gonna be a "Grammy"...Ben's wife is expecting. I need bachelorette party games. Do you know some decent ones? Kisses and Hugs (and Licks and Wags from Izzy!) ~Aunt Kim