Friday, October 31, 2008

Church Fall Festival

We had a great time all the church Fall Festival. Daniel got to dress up as a "community helper" for school. He chose to be a pastor, but a cool pastor with jeans and blue converse tennie shoes. For the Fall Festival he changed his mind several times before he decided to be a cowboy. He wore the Roy Rogers gunbelt Grandad gave him and Mom's spurs. Gracie wanted to be a nerd, and she was an awfully cute one. Ally and her friend Skyler were conjoined twins. We had a fun time and we got lots of candy. We got to go to the county fair ag barn today for a field trip, too.
Love to All,


Sandra said...

Ally, Is that one of my shirts you and your friend had on? Just kidding, (I hope!). That was a great idea! Gracie, You were the cutest "little nerd" I have ever seen! Where did you get those cool glasses? And Daniel, You make a great cowboy! Hope you had those boots on for the field trip...You also looked very handsome in your "community helper" outfit. (Pretty smart move to get your picture made twice!!!I think you get that from Granddad:)
Much Love to you all,
Grandma, Granddad, and GG

Aunt Kim said...

What were Mom and Dad for the fall festival? I don't see pics of them! Evan is going to be a nerd on Thursday for Homecoming week. He told Elissa she doesn't have to dress up. The other day Izzy was panting 'cause she was hot when we were in the car. Evan said, "She has funny pants." I said, "So do you." BWAHAHA! Love you lots! ~Aunt Kim