Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ally's Bloggin'

Hi, Ally here! This week has been so busy. We've had a little girl staying with us all week, she and Gracie have been playing constantly. Tuesday we went to a Mom to Mom meeting, it has a class for homeschoolers that mom teaches but so far only three kids counting Gracie and I have gone to it. Today we went to Bible study and the library. Tomorrow we'll feed the football team and Pearl is going to a sleepover. We've been here in NC for a total of three years last week. It's getting chilly, in the mornings it's about 55 degees. So many of my softball games have been cancelled because of rain. We have 2 this Saturday, but I don't know if we will get to make up all the ones we missed. I miss my Texas family and friends, but I love the beach here, it's so pretty!

Have a great week! love, Ally


texasbunch said...

loved your Thursday note, Today is Elissa's birthday, we're eating out tonite, so I don't have to cook ....yea! Sent cards to everybody so check your mail about Sat or Mon....See you soon
Love Max & Nana

Elana said...

I loved your note.Tomarow we're going to the Great Wolf Lodge for our birthday.Monday is my birthday and the next Monday is Evans birthday,so many birthdays not enough time...(sigh). Love and hope to see you soon, Elana