Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Wiersbe Bible Study Series

I have reviewed different versions of these Wiersbe Bible Studies before, so I already knew
they would be great.
Byron has collected many from this series and always loves it when I can get them to review. He especially likes the Wiersbe commentaries. I chose to review these 2 books together, but it is hard to say which one is my favorite. The 1st book is from the series called The Wiersbe Bible Study Series and it is a great one for a small group. It contains excellent questions for discussion and direction. My favorite part are the little sections titled From the Commentary. These sections are exerpts taken from Wiersbe's various commentaries. One of the most interesting things I learned from these little sections; did you realize that each Israelite family in the old testament times had to sacrafice 2 lambs a day PLUS all the lambs for personal sacrafices & special sacrafices like passover? That's a lotta lambs!
Byron always likes studies that focus on one book of the Bible, so he really liked this one. It covers the entire book in 12 lessons so it moves pretty quickly. I felt this one was designed for discussion more than personal devotion, but it could be used for both. This book, which focuses on the book of John, has 12 lessons plus a bonus lesson and sells for $8.99. You can purchase it here.
The Wiersbe study books that have big chapters from his commentaries are my favorite, I think. These are more commentary, more personal. I like this kind of thing for my personal devotion time. I can take this commentary and read it along with my Bible and really feel that I am getting deep into the truths of the Word. I love to have Wiersbe alongside me; unpacking the cultural meaning or translating from the original language to really open up my eyes to the meaning. There are even questions at the end of each chapter for group discussion or personal reflection, so it could be used for a small group study.

I loved both of these books - great source for a way to grow in God's Word. There are tons of others available on the David C. Cook website. This particular version covers Luke 1-13 and just came out this summer. You can purchase it here for $12.99. I noticed on Amazon Both of these books are available on Kindle too!

Disclaimer: These books were provided by David C. Cook for the purposes of review only.

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