Thursday, August 26, 2010

Products I Love for my Home

I'm not reviewing anything here - just making a grocery list & thinkin' 'bout the things I buy. Ever really think about why you buy a product over and over? I love to buy generic brand products, but there are some things I have to have the real deal. You can't skimp on mustard, got to be French's, but we think Walmart's Ritz crackers are just as good as the real thing. I like Walmart's Great Value brand better than most generic brands, but I don't like their bread or fabric softener just to name a few.

1. Air Wick -Apple Cinnamon scent. Now I rarely have what you would call a dirty house. If you came over you would probably say it was clean. But I don't actually clean that much. There is a difference in orderly and picked up and clean. I'm orderly and picked up, but generally I should do more scrubbin'. You know what I am saying? The frig could use a good scrubbing inside and out and WHATEVER you do, don't look under the sofa cushions. SO I feel good about things, or I feel like things are REALLY clean if things smell good. I guess it kind of surprised me that most of the things on my list have to do with SMELL in one way or another.

2. Toilet Bowl stick things - Clorox citrus scent. I tried these things as a free sample some time ago and I really loved them. I have this son who sleep-pees and misses the bowl. GRRR! I have to be pretty vigilant to keep the kid's bathroom clean, but these things make it smell nice no matter what state it is in.

3. Yankee Candles - anything cinnamony. I like me some cinnamon. They had a new cinnamon one out just for Christmas a few years ago and it is my new favorite. A Yankee Christmas candle gets lighted with the Christmas tree every year and burns all through the season.

4. Lysol Kitchen cleaner. I don't know, I just got to have a good all-purpose cleaner and this one...yes, smells clean.

5. Crest Outlast. Wow. Do I have smell issues or what? This list is making me think maybe I do. I love this toothpaste because it really freshens your breath. The kids keep carrying it off to their bathroom. It's so much more expensive than other toothpastes, too, but there have been several coupons out for it.

6. Gain. Once again the smell. I DO have smell issues!

A few of the Food Products I always buy...

7. Fruit Chillers - I like these things in part because they are made with real fruit and also the $1 off coupon are so readily available making them about .70 cents or less at my Walmart. The kids & their daddy love them.

8. Large tubs of Yoplait Peach. A great easy side for lunch or breakfast.

9. Lender's Whole Wheat Bagels. This is my go-to for a kid who is hungry after a practice or late at night. Wholesome, and a great, quick tummy filler.

10. Scribblers Popsicles. With 24 in the pack these become the daily snack for my kids. I know! If I was a real frugal homemaker I would take the 10cent Kool-Aid packet and make a ton of them! Who has room in their freezer for all those stinkin' Popsicle molds, they are always spilling, & my kids are always losing the Popsicle mold tops!

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