Monday, August 23, 2010

Grocery Shopping Lunch

This is my go - to lunch when I am coming in from grocery shopping. Generally, when I am grocery shopping that means there is no other readily available food in the house, so we pull this out of the bag and make it quickly for the starving children in the house. Every Friday my Walmart discounts lots of GREAT french bread. I buy one of these super fat French loaves for around 50 cents! While 2 kids and I are unloading and putting away groceries, another kid can easily prepare this super -easy French bread pizza! We just cut the loaf and pile on sauce & cheese.
What a great, filing lunch with grapes and carrots. The whole meal around a $1! All 3 of my kids can easily make it, so that is a plus as well! Actually last week I thought, why in the world haven't I bought several of these cheap french loaves to stick in the freezer? This could be a great go-to meal anytime!


ragamuffinbeauties said...

Hey Tara...can you email me which one and what time you go so I can snug that great price too! Thanks!

Jenni Carlisle

Barb J. said...

Great idea! My kids love garlic bread and could eat it by itself for lunch. I bet this would make great garlic bread, too. I'm going to Walmart tomorrow, I'll check the discounted bread cart.