Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fun Fun

Lazy River

This is part of Daniel's new Lego sets that he bought with his own money. He bought a ship (that really floats in the bathtub), helicopter, police car, dock with light house, and all kinds of stuff to go with them. A very cool bunch of Legos which should keep him busy all summer - then some. He always talks about how he is going to add to the Lego collection and then when he is a very big teenager, he is going to give them back to Justin Harwell for his someday son (or Misty and Jason's someday son). It should be a very nice collection by then. Justin gave Daniel his childhood Lego collection several years ago (which was ALOT of Legos).

Daddy and Daniel had a lot of fun putting it all together!
We had a GREAT time at the water park today. We are attending a neat VBS every morning this week about the early Christian underground in Rome. The kids are learning alot! After that, we went to the water park with some friends. It was great fun until somebody puked in the water -GROSS! They cleaned it - but we didn't really feel good about getting back in, so we left. Kind of a yucky ending to a fun day.
We are headed to Corsicana in a few days. My grandmother is not doing well, and is not expected to live much longer. We are very thankful we are closeby now and able to be here with family.

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