Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mudpies and Bird Booby Traps

The kids and Elana had fun playing in the mud at Nanas. They piled mud on the road and cars would come by and splat more mud all over them. Good dirty fun! Long as it is Nana's carpet they are tracking up and not mine! We went to Nana's Thursday kind of expecting to go to a funeral for my grandmother. Amazingly, she is still hanging on as of my writing this Sunday night. Doctors didn't believe she would make it to last Wednesday, then they gave her just a few hours - that was about 20 hours ago. Her brain function is very low, bp very low, various organs have shut down. The kids hoped she would get to go see Jesus and Papaw for a birthday present on Saturday (she was 89 on the 13th). We expect to be back in Mildred some this week to be with family and help Nana and Max as much as we can.
Our garden is really starting to produce. We have had some beautiful tomatoes - but so far all the red ones are full of bird beak marks! Daniel and I had fun thinking of booby traps - plastic snakes (which didn't phase the birds), then we added little cowbells all over, then we put red Christmas balls on the plants to trick the birds. We still had a fresh beak mark this morning. I think I will go with Daniel's suggesting to rig them with mouse traps and build a monster scarecrow. A bunch of really small bugs are all over the eggplants too. I need to google some organic solution to that as well.

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