Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just life

Gracie is WAY into cooking. She's pretty good at it too, she makes a mean cowboy stew. Maybe that kind of thing skips a generation or something. She is reading a series of books called The Katie Lynn Cookie Company by G.E. Stanley and every book has a recipe or two she HAS to try. I have recently been leaving the girls TOTALLY alone in the kitchen on these adventures, resisting the urge to even make suggestions. They learn so much through the trial and error! Actually, this cooking adventure didn't go so well. The recipe called for buttermilk (which of course we didn't have) so the girls were SUPPOSED to mix 1 cup of milk with 3 tsp of vinegar. However, somehow they mixed 3 CUPs of vinegar instead. The second batch was much better and we all enjoyed Gracie's delicious chocolate buttermilk bread.
Daniel is so done with his kindergarten work, but the girls have a couple of days, so am keeping him busy sending him out on Daniel adventures. Today, I gave him a large bag of birdseed and a small spoon, binoculars, a bird guide, and an exciting book from Aunt Kim about Birds of Prey. Soon the girls were sucked into the action, and the only challenge was to stay quiet enough not to scare away every bird in the county.
Love to all,

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