Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas fun

We had a fun Christmas this year!  It came in a bit stressful for Mom - starting off the whole weekend sick, but Dad stepped up and finished the shopping, kept it all together and pulled it off.  We were able to celebrate with both sides of the family and attend the Christmas Eve service at church, yet we still had plenty of time to relax and enjoy.  Daniel read the Christmas story for the service, and he did a great job.
Candle light service fun.  Yep, I'll be going back to the church with some wax paper and an iron to get up the ton of wax this boy dribbled EVERYWHERE.  Ugh. 
We try our best not to focus too much on gifts, but it's always a challenge.  I am continually shocked by the extravagance of their friend's Christmas gifts. 
What a typical picture of the three!

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