Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camp season 2013 - done

Preteen camp was fabulous!  We had a great time!  Our speaker was an artist/ ventriloquist.  I taught arts and crafts and we had pretty decent weather. 
It is always interesting to me to see the food choices they make when Mama isn't looking.  He ate like 10 pieces of sausage every morning (I never fix sausage cause it smells).  And.. he only had a tummy ache a couple of days :).

No pictures of Ally.  She did her second round of back to back camps.  She went to camp with our old church and then came directly to preteen camp to help with Rec and to help me with ministry and lovin' on kids.  She was only there for 2 1/2  days but she was a wonderful help to me.

So now we are back home to whip the farm back in shape.  Chores have been greatly neglected, the animals are needy, the pool is a pale shade of nasty, the laundry is piled to the moon, and we are all pretty worn out too.

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