Friday, February 15, 2013

Bad bloggin'

I've been a terrible blogger lately!  However, I haven't been lookin' at much besides the inside of the toilet lately.  I've been sick sick sick.  But, I am on the mend and ready to get my Spring on!  I had to go buy a particular light bulb at Home Depot and came out with all kinds of plants and seeds.  Note to self husband:  keep me out of all stores having a garden department this time of the year. 
We had a great weekend.  We had a relaxin' weekend.  We tinkered around the farm, worked on the barn some, burned some Mesquite trees, and enjoyed some beautiful weather.

Ally and Daniel are kicking into ball season gear, and doing lots of practicing with Dad.  Even the dog helps.

Gracie is saving like crazy for a younger horse.  We are preparing her carefully for the possibility that this dear one is getting terribly old.  She still gallops to please Gracie, but you can see in her face it is difficult.  She appears to have arthritus.  She pretty near collapsed onto me about a month ago when I was picking her hooves.  She definitely favors one leg. 

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