Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ayers family happenin's

I was sick - and my husband was out of town.  I didn't want to move, much less make food for 3 kids.  Then it hit me - Ally has a permit!  Mind blown!  She can drive.  I don't even have to wear shoes.  We made a very LONG and SLOW treck to Sonic - took about an hour for what should've been 30 minutes, but hey, it was worth it.  Well, it was for the few hours I kept it all down, anyway.

I took it easy and took advantage of my helpful parents and the good ol' school bus.  I also watched lots of Netflix.

Finally, I am better.  I decided it must have been the flu.  To hit that hard and so long, it had to be something major.  I literally haven't felt so terrible in years.  Next year, I promise I will get a flu shot. 
Here's some other pictures of some of the Ayers Family fun we've been having around here.  This is the way we do a log ride in Texas.  Byron pulled a tree down with a tractor and was dragging it to the burn pile, so the kids hopped on and went along for the ride.
Boys having target practice with my Thanksgiving pumpkins.

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