Thursday, January 17, 2013

Piggy Problems

We took a trip down our little lane this weekend and visited some of the show pigs our neighbors are raising.  And we quickly realized we have a problem.  Our show project pig is drastically under weight.  We haven't been weighing her, and when we did we realized she has to gain about 2 lbs a day to even make the sale in March.  Our neighbor's pigs are around 150 and she is only 78!  She'll have to be up to 215 to make the 4H show.

So, with a little advice and help from people who know much more than we do (which isn't saying much) - we are undertaking Operation Piggy Plump.  We decreased her space from 12 x 12 to 4 x12, since she's mostly been running laps around her pen to keep her lean figure.  We are feeding her different food, a hot mash to encourage her appetite, and we got her a new waterer and food trough hoping that would help her intake.  And, this weekend we built her a little house where she can stay warmer in the cold weather.  Quite a project she has become! 

It has been SO COLD, wet, and nasty around here lately!  Things are improving for the weekend, but all that rain and bad weather makes for a nasty barn.  Rutted up with mud and poop, we have a busy weekend ahead.

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