Sunday, November 11, 2012

Souuuuieee Pig!

Daniel is now the proud owner of a show pig.  She's a cutie.  For now.  Ask me what I think of her when she is up to 250 lbs next March.  Not that we know much about pig farmin' around here.  He has named her Nacho.  I think he just named her that so he can tell his sisters she is "Na-cho pig."  Who knows the mind of a boy? Nacho Pig has to gain 240 pounds at least in a little under 5 months.
 He's in it for the money, mainly.  The winning swine last year at the County Youth show won $6000.  Now, he's probably not going to come anywhere close to that, but we thought it'd be a fun way to learn about responsiblity, investments, and maybe begin to work on a college fund.  I just wonder how attached everyone's gonna get over the next 5 months.  It may make for a tough time in March if we all get too attached.  I wanted her to be named Bacon, as a reminder of her true purpose, but Daniel's the boss hog. 
From Pig Farmin' to Bull Ridin' - we are countried out this weekend!  We also got to do a little Rodeoin'.  We had a mechanical bull for a 5th Quarter at the church and the kids got to take a few turns before the big kids showed up.  Gracie did very well, and held the record for quite awhile. 

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