Monday, November 19, 2012

Pig Farmin' Fun

The pig's kinda been growin' on us all.  She's got quite a personality, which is unfortunate.  I'm afraid some family members might be getting a bit attached.  While Byron is working on the barn he grunts at her and she always returns his grunt, as if she is talking back to him.
We have her located in the barn.  If this pig thing is something we continue to do after this year, we'll have to build another pig place, (maybe a bit out of the way for smell sake) but for now she is in the center of the action around here.
Saxie is enjoying her own stall, but I'm not sure she likes having to share her space with a pig.
Pigs are suprisingly smart and really clean.  They say they'll pick a corner for bathroom use, and only one corner.  That hasn't happened yet.  She is suprisingly playable.  We are trying to remind the kids that in just a few months she'll be 300 lbs, so don't let her get used to climbing in your lap, or biting you!  Yikes!

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