Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Missing In Action

I know I have been so MIA on this blog this summer!  I'm working on it!
We are so busy with back to school activities, volleyball, football, and so much more.  It has been rather overwhelming to think about all the things coming up in our student ministry that we need to be prepared for.  The fall is always such an important time for our student ministry. 
And this is what happens when you ask a 9 year old boy to clean out his drawer.  He puts on every shirt he can fit over his head and makes himself into a muscle man.
We really like to buy clothes at resale shops.  Once you locate a couple really good quality stores, you can trade in clothes for credit each season.  We have ongoing tubs of items to take.  I am always amazed at the bargains we are able to find.  And with this boy's foot growing a half size a season (how long is that gonna go on?) we can use all the help we can get! Should a 14 year old be able to wear her 9 year old brother's shoes? 

Ally has started babysitting more.  I made her a tub to take with her and it was a HUGE hit.  The tub had all kinds of scavenger hunts for the kids - most printed from online.  Little things like handprint die-cuts that can be hidden all over for a quick, easy hunt, craft projects, little prizes, a puzzle, and a set of flag football flags for a new twist on tag.  She's entertained her siblings so much, she's a great babysitter.

Gracie had her open house - meet the teacher for Jr. High last night.  She is very nervous, mostly concerned that she won't be able to get everywhere in the 4 minutes between classes.  I like that she has an older cousin closeby and Ally just the other side of the building in the High School. 

More Back to School Photos and stories coming soon :)  ...I promise!

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