Monday, July 30, 2012

More of busy

We returned from Preteen Camp in full force gearing up for a busy week of VBS!  Laundry is piled to the moon, and we are all pretty worn out, but we are chugging forward and trying our best to catch up.  The weather here is 102 - 107 degrees all week, so we are trying to plan for outside time in the early morning.  It is hard to go horseback riding or garden or anything else in the crazy heat.
Ally painted her Tom's with some verses.
 Daniel traded some games in for his DS and is exercising alot to get in shape for football which starts this week. 
 Our Wonders of the World VBS Grand Canyon scene leaves a little to be desired, but it will do.  I liked the multi-dimensional effect.
 This is the Matterhorn. 
 Gracie and a friend at camp.  I love her hair in that frenchbraid, but I'm not sure if it'll ever happen again.  She is so tender-headed - you should've heard the screams.
Ally cruisin' with some friends on the Mule.
Gracie at camp.  I love it when kids minister to each other - I'd much rather that happen than an adult do the counseling.  It greatly benefits them both and fulfills the Gospel by "being the body."  We had a great time at camp, but now it is time just to unpack and stay home for a while.

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