Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not in the Heart - a Review

I was excited to read a book by Chris Fabry since he has co-authored some of my kid's favorite books like the Red Rock Mysteries, and the Left Behind Kids books, and the Wormling Series. Author and radio talk show host Chris Fabry’s novel Not in the Heart is a great, suspenseful read with a pretty good spiritual message. Truman Wiley, the main character, is a really well done character with a lot of depth and development. This story really presents some striking issues about life, ethics, and God.

I always hate to give too much away when I review a book; but here’s the run-down of the plot. Truman is a disappointed, gambling addicted, messed up man who is a struggling reporter. His 18 year old son is dying and needs a heart transplant in order to live. A death row inmate offers his heart in exchange for Truman publishing the story of his life. As the deal is made, Truman begins some investigation which leads to the disturbing truth … and, well, you’ll have to read the book. You’ll never see the ending coming, I am rarely surprised by a book, but I was surprised.

This novel brings to light two important issues to me – the importance of salvation and organ donation. My sweet, big sister is waiting on a liver transplant - she read the book too by the way, and though she liked it, she wasn't too fond of the ending. One person who is an organ donor can save 8 lives AND donate their tissues to help many, many more. I love the slogan," be the gift of life." I was kind of disappointed with the salvation message in Not in the Heart, Truman finally realizes he needs God, feels some peace, but I really wish Fabry had given this issue a bit more clarity.

From what I have read, Fabry has hopes that this book will help addicts and those who love them. He certainly paints an excellent picture of what life is like for them with honesty and sympathy. Mainly because of all the great issues for discussion this book brings up, Not in the Heart would make an ideal book club book. There are even questions in the back for discussion.

Overall, I liked this book, I liked the suspense and mystery, and I highly recommend it. If you would like to purchase Not in the Heart, it is available from Tyndale House Publishers HERE for $13.99. I am eager to read some of Chris Fabry's other books too. You can visit his website HERE and even see a book trailer and other neat information.

I was given a copy of Not in the Heart by B&B Media and Tyndale for the purposes of review only.

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