Tuesday, February 14, 2012


January and February have never been my favorites. I'm not a fan of the cold. I think if there was a study of creative juices they would find much less creative brain juice in the colder months. Warmer weather makes me crafty and the cold, well, I think it just makes me sleepy. It must be a basic animal instinct.
I am perusing seed catalogs, making plans for the biggest garden ever. I'm starting to get excited. I sometimes wonder if the expense balance out. After the watering bill, seeds, supplies, and plants. Do we do it for the quality or for frugalness? I think for us, we garden in part for the self-sufficiency. I like to think that we could produce all we need on our little 7 acres if we had to. We are a long, long way from that. I am planning for the first time a cut flower garden. I love to have great flowers in the house. It doesn't take much looking to really start getting excited about all the great tomatoes and peppers and salsa! I resolve to better with gardening, weeding and tending get overwhelming after a bit and eventually the garden gets overrun. I'm going to do my best not to let that happen this year. We have 3 good farm hands that are gonna do a lot of weeding. We are planning a major outdoor working weekend this weekend. We are clearing the back part of our property, which means lots of wienie roasts and smores due to big piles burning. We are hoping to begin to tackle work on our barn pretty soon, and I'm hoping to get some boys motivated to build us a chicken coop before too long. I'd like to buy some baby chicks about April or May where we don't have to fuss over their warmth quite as much. We sure have a lot of varmints around here we are going to have to take care of. Our area is overrun with hogs, we have almost daily coyote sightings, not to mention huge numbers of rabbits!

I am enjoying reading Byron's seminary work with him. I really kind of like reading technical information about how the new testament canon was selected. Okay, I'm kind of geeky that way.

Basketball is coming to a happy end this weekend. We are ALL so glad! We are looking ahead to baseball and softball season.

We don't fuss much over Valentine's Day. Who needs a once a year show of love when we oughta be lovin' all year long? We'll probably have a date some night this weekend, maybe a special dessert tonight. For now, Tuesdays are the only weeknight we can all eat together, so we celebrate every Tuesday.

I hope you have had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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