Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Fresh Life Bible Study Series

The Fresh Life Bible Study Series contains six really great devotional books by Lenya Heitzig that are really well designed. They are each a quick daily devotional, taking around 15 to 20 minutes a day. These books give some great insights into the Bible. I have been doing the Live Reflectively devotional about Moses, and my niece, Erin did the Live Abundantly devotional on the book of Ephesians. Each book has 10 lessons, each lesson lasting one week; 5 full lessons a week, and a shorter 6th one. So, one book will last you 10 weeks.
The Fresh Life series teaches readers to:
Lift up...a prayer
Look at…God’s Word (answering questions concerning what the passage says)
Learn about…what the passage means (sidebars define words and give background information)
Live out…what you have learned (personalizing the text and learning how it can impact your daily life)
Listen to…quotes by well-known figures to build on the truths in Scripture

These devotionals are really versatile. They could easily meet the needs of a variety of people. This would be an excellent introduction to Bible study for a new Christian because it is brief, interesting, and is formatted in small segments to keep you engaged. However, what is great about it is that it also has enough depth to satisfy the more spiritually mature too.

I would highly recommend these devos. These would be excellent to keep on hand to give to women you disciple. Are you discipling someone? You should be! However, they are kind of pricey at $17.99 from David C. Cook HERE. The older books in this series sell for $9.50 at christian book distributors, the others in the series range from $12 -$10. Gotta say I love David C. Cook though. I love their stuff. I feel like I can trust what they put out. I do look at a publisher when I buy a theological book and I feel like they are pretty sound in that department.

I was given these great Fresh Life devotionals by B&B Media Group and David C. Cook for the purposes of review only.

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Quiltingranny said...

Great idea, I have always enjoyed using Joyce Meyers and may take a look at these!