Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Theme Songs and Phrases

We have always had little phrases, verses, & themes we have quoted as a family. Not only does it help drill things into our kids brains & memories, but it's part of what makes us a "team." Every good team has chants & songs, right?
One of our most memorable: when the kids were toddlers we would say all together when we gave them crayons..."we only write on...paper!" and they would chime in on the ending. I guess it worked, we never had coloring on walls or books.

Now as they have gotten older we say, "people will always let you down, but God never will." A great motto - especially if you are a Junior High girl.
Songs are a huge part of who we are as a family. This is Daddy's influence really, that man has to have praise music all the time! Right now we are singing "Restoration" off the world mandate cd (not released on ITunes just yet -or I'd tell you to run & get it)! Here's a fair version:
"Your Great Name" by Natalie Grant is our other recent favorite. I love how it teaches the power of using God's name. That'll preach.

And..."God is Enough" by Lecrae - another awesome favorite family theme - especially for teens who are always pushing for more. The catchy repetition will stick with you and remind you that God is all you need. Love that! We love Lecrae.

We love to constantly quote the Word to our kids when they face difficulty, and to teach them to quote the Word for themselves. However, sometimes a song or a motto can stick in their memory and speak to their heart in a powerful way. We quote these things to our kids when they come to us with situations or conflicts. Some trials - especially pre-teen & junior high girl trials - might sometimes require some extra effort to overcome...and we need all the help we can get.

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