Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A week of busy-ness

The last week, which included my 38th birthday - flew by at an incredible pace. We've moved into later summer bedtimes, and 2 out of 3 kids are mostly done with school. Poor Gracie has some lingering math lessons to suffer through for about 2 weeks. But we've been in summer mode for a long time now.

Look at that blond hair on that boy! It's about time for a summertime bur!

We had a flurry of activity with finishing school, get-togethers, church youth activities, and of course - softball! The kids have barely had enough time to spend 3+ hours in the pool each day, poor things.

We have not seen anymore monster snakes lately, but we watched baby birds learn to fly and leave the nest on our front porch. Our dog is still not well, which makes me wonder if toad poisoning wasn't the real issue.

I asked for one thing for my birthday, new, super springy-tennie shoes. My girls have learned my frugal ways and were appalled by my wastefullness. I have a pair of perfectly good, one year old tennie shoes already, and they just couldn't comprehend my needing more. They don't understand that -although God is my strength and the source of all things good, much of my superpowers come from the wearing of super-springy shoes. If you've followed my blog long, you've seen me explain it before. I put them on FIRST thing in the morning and I feel athletic-y and they make me just get moving. I guess I could justify it in that if I drank coffee for similar reasons, that would add up to at least the same amount I pay for a yearly new springy pair. ANYWAY - I am lovin' my new Sketchers! AND my in-laws gave me a Barnes n Noble giftcard to load up some wonderful things on my Nook - I am still contemplating a fabulous summer reading list!

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