Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book Review: The Trigger

As I hinted a few posts back, I have been asked to review a really interesting book this week. The Trigger by Hon Hoh is on my top 5 books I've read so far this year list. This was a really neat book. It really brought out a lot of theological thought and discussions around our house too. I kinda polled several people and was amazed at all the different views people have on the end times!

The idea behind this book is one of those theological mysteries that we just won't know until the end of time. That's just where I stand - I make no attempt to predict, I just trust in the Lord's leading and will honor him with my best attempts at holiness and he can handle the rest! I do enjoy a good book of fiction about the end times, but I must admit - studies and commentaries on the subject can be rather overwhelming to my little brain. The Trigger is a work of fiction that handles this topic in an excellent way. This is the kind of fiction I like - one that makes me want to dig deeper into my Bible, just to check things out for fun.

Many people believe we as Christians can help to usher in the Second Coming of Christ by reaching all unreached people groups all over the world. This comes from Matthew 24:14, "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." I believe this is true, but I am bothered when it is done to target or bring about the end - I believe that God calls people where He intends for them to go - and that He will lead certain people to go unto a people group, but to preach not the gospel, not to bring the end. You know what I am saying?

I thought I wasn't going to like this book because it sounds as if men were setting out of their own design to "trigger" the end times. However, that wasn't the case. This book really handled the theology here really well. The men in the book were just led by the Holy Spirit and did what they did because the Lord directed them, not in an attempt to force what God planned. I like the way the book handled the end time theory - it presents a post-tribulation view and it was a different take on the end times than other end time fiction like the Left Behind books. Interestingly, the main character in the book is a pastor who always taught a pre-triblation theory and it is neat to see how he looks at scripture as he begins to experience the tribulation. Are you with me here? Post-trib, pre-trib? Sounds kinda deep, huh?

Overall, this book would be a great one to add to your summer reading list and I would highly recommend it, even if you aren't interested in learning the deep things of Revelation! You can get the Trigger for $14.99 on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You can visit Hon Hoh's website HERE - this website also has a neat trailer for the book and information on the author's other books about the book of Revelation.

I was sent a copy of the Trigger by B&B media group for the purposes of review only

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