Monday, June 27, 2011

Things Happen...

So, since we moved, the kids have jetted pretty much all over our property in Daddy's Mule, was it a good parenting decision? Hmm...I think so. They are having fun, feeling independent, outside, using their imaginations, learning to drive, even.

But then Gracie came in torn up with remorse over a little problem driving in reverse. Always our over-dramatic one, she laid in the floor crying, hid under her covers crying, almost hysterical with guilt, and she was certain we would be angry. What a great time to teach about forgiveness! and grace!

It's a pretty bad ding...or two. But I certainly have done worse. When I was 16 I was backing out of the driveway and tore up my car pretty bad on my dad's truck bumper. Bad stuff happens, but God always gives us grace and forgiveness no matter how terrible it is. Daddies and Mommies need to give it too. Our kids also need to see us not taking material things (and their damage) too seriously. Relationship is more important than image. Driving this car with all its little (and big) scrapes certainly does nothing for my image. As a matter of fact it kinda gives off the image - "you'd better get outta my way!" And actually, the way I drive, maybe that's best. I have a pretty bad scrape already on the back end of my car that I put there myself...backing out of a age 30. I guess Gracie must take after me. We should take this in consideration when we someday purchase a car for her use. Maybe a big truck with metal bumpers and a special parking space away from our other vehicles? Ahh... grace, grace, wonderful grace. Aren't you glad you have grace too?

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