Monday, June 13, 2011


I totally love taking these out of the garden +a few peppers+onions+garlic

And turning it into THIS -
Yum! If it makes it to the canning jars later today, I'll be surprised. You know it's just hard to mess up hot sauce! Pretty much whatever you do with all those fresh ingredients, when you scoop it up on a chip, it just tastes amazing. I add very few spices.

Now onto some pickles. Last year I was the only one who liked the pickles I canned. I thought they tasted a little bit like kinda fancy Klausen pickles, but no, everyone else just thought they were just soggy and the kids said they tasted funny. I'm trying a different recipe, so we'll see. What else in the world are you supposed to do with this many cucumbers? My kids don't like cucumbers anyway.

I got these out of my dad's garden - I actually was beginning to wonder if he had planted some strange green zucchini squash because some of these things are HUGE! I have decided you should not plant cucumbers without a trellis for them to grow up, when you just let them go where ever they are so hard to find. Sorry, Dad, but the fact that your garden is a jungle doesn't help.

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