Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Addie Slaughter - The Girl Who Met Geronimo

Addie Slaughter The Girl Who Met Geronimo is the story of a young girl living in the Wild West in the late 1800's. The book is based on actual stories passed down through the Slaughter family. It contains a great glimpse into a fascinating period of history. The book is written so that it would be readable and interesting to young children and would be a great history supplement or the basis of a biography report. The Slaughter Ranch is an actual place you can visit today (in Arizona) with a museum and other attractions. I love a book that allows kids to connect with a site they can actually visit. The book also contains a brief curriculum guide which might be useful for homeschoolers or teachers. It would be interesting to study the main character's father, who was a historic rancher and sheriff, as well -in order to extend the historical significance a bit.

The book is short, 53 pages in length. It is well written, in the first person, with lots of photos and descriptive detail. Overall, it is your average pioneer story - nothing terribly earth-shattering. I was a bit disappointed in the meeting Geronimo part - it was a basically a paragraph of brief description of a 2-3 minute encounter - hardly title worthy, but I enjoyed the book in all.

This is a great book for readers 2-5th grades particularly, accessible and interesting, an excellent way to make history really come alive for students. You can buy the book HERE for $15.95 from Five Star Publications.

Addie Slaughter -The Girl Who Met Geronimo was given to me by MamaBuzz and Five Star Publications for the purposes of review only.

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