Monday, May 23, 2011

VBS/ Sunday School gift idea

My kids are so having a hard time realizing that summer is NOT here yet. Since our move, schoolwork has been a daily battle and I think maybe I am losing. They are much more interested in making daisy chains. Picking flowers. Exploring in the woods. Making forts.

And mostly swimming. I wonder if they will ever tire of this pool? It is like ice - I can't believe they are in it - but between church services yesterday they logged about 4+ hours. And I must admit I took a quick cannon ball dive after mowing and it felt nice!

Okay, this one is just my 2 minute prototype - but What a Cool Thing! I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs for printables and cutesy giveaways Look at her version - it is much cuter! Paired with a baggy of some inexpensive gumballs (of course hers were cute sewn bags, but who has time for that)? She had made it as a reading incentive, but I changed it as a neat concept to encourage kids to have their daily quiet time. I'm planning to make a bunch of these for our mission trip to do VBS at a church in Colorado this summer.

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