Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I love THIS ART PROJECT (not the one above) for St. Patrick's Day from a neat little art blog called That Artist Woman. I'm hoping to convince the kids to try it. Although with the weather as it is - they are racing through their schoolwork as fast as they can these days - no time for extra projects and mom's paint piddling. :(

St. Patrick's Day is such a nasty holiday - green beer drinkin' and all that kind of mess. But I love to focus on the message of the Shamrock. We like to watch the Veggie Tales Version of the Legend of St. Patrick. I believe it is on the Legend of the Sumo Veggie Tales DVD.

A few days ago we celebrated another holiday - Gracie's Spiritual Birthday. We keep it simple for these occasions, usually just a devotional or Christian book and a sweet card with a long encouraging note. BUT - the kids have all been really wanting the new Adventures in Odyssey - The Green Ring Conspiracy - especially Gracie.

Have a Happy Day!

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