Friday, February 18, 2011

Science Fair

Science Fair time. The kids made some surprising choices for their projects this year. As much as Gracie has complained about her Anatomy work, she chose Dog Anatomy.
Daniel made an interesting choice - although I don't know how much science there was to it. He basically wanted an excuse to use tools and take things apart. He says he wants to be an inventor so maybe that is a worthy project - to learn to DEstruct before you CONstruct. 'Course how these things work or how to put them back together again? Or what all these pieces we took apart do - we have no clue. The title for his project was: What's Inside It? It was a pretty big hit with 2nd grade boys who like to destroy things with screwdrivers.

Miss. Ally got off scott-free. She had planned to do a project on Solar Energy with her Dad, but somehow those plans kinda fizzeled, and I let her off the hook. She whined alot about how science fairs aren't cool and she didn't want to be included with the "younger" kids. I think I'll make her do a special project just for me - and make it a killer of an assignment.

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Tiffany said...

Is that really Daniel?
-Tiffany Zeigler