Monday, February 21, 2011

No Motivation Monday

We didn't take President's Day off - I'd like to finish all our curriculum by June so we can't celebrate everything! We are all kinda tired and the laundry is piled to the moon. School work is right up there with getting teeth pulled on the enjoyable scale today. PLUS the weather is BEAUTIFUL and that doesn't help matters either.

So we took a spontaneous picnic lunch to the arboretum today. We walked through the trails pretty quick and just enjoyed the weather - and we came back home to get back to work.
My hope was a little exercise and some fresh air and get back to school with renewed energy. Ya, it didn't exactly turn out that way - it made the desire to blow off the rest of the day even stronger if that was possible.
It was fun anyway just to walk in the woods! You can't go wrong with a nature trail.

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