Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mommy Brain Revisited

When my first child was born one of the things that was important to me was to give her memories like I had as a child of all the old nursery rhyme songs and sweet lullabies. However, my "mommy brain" kicked in and I would settle into that rocking chair and go blank. I couldn't remember what happened when that looking glass got broke, whose nose the 4&20 blackbirds pecked off, heck it was the middle of the night I could hardy remember Jesus Loves Me . So, I printed out an actual cheat sheet and taped it on the wall next to the rocker. Yes I did.
Now, to tell that story with the proper spin I should say I was partaking in some "Intentional Parenting." Isn't that a buzz word you hear alot? But I like it. Being kind of a creative person with maybe and inclination toward scattered-brain-ness and overscheduling - if I'm not carefully intentional about everything - things go really bad!
I'm always sharing my intentional wearing of tennie shoes to get me moving in the morning. Yes, I am a geek, but I once imagined 20/20 had hidden cameras in my kitchen and it totally changed the way I did things. After kid #2 was born I was intentional about my activities with the older sibling. I scheduled time with her in an almost preschool-like way. With a newborn, handling the older sibling is always a challenge. Without intentional planning; meltdowns, jealousy, and you name it - it's all SURE to occur.
So, Monday I am going to share a neat gift I am preparing for my sweet friend who is expecting her child #2. I call it, "Mommy's Busy Box." The girls and I have had a ball creating all kinds of fun preschool activities to make special Intentional mommy time easy for her once the new baby is born.

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