Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have loved teaching Shakespeare at our homeschool co-op this year. I LOVE to read Shakespeare with kids who get his jokes! That's so fun! I had originally planned to have Ally (7th grade) read Hamlet too since I was preparing everything for the class. However, I read an article about the benefits of not reading Shakespeare too early. The basic idea being so some themes aren't lost to lack of experience and students can have a greater awareness and appreciation.

I can't say enough about Progeny Press for Shakespeare! I so love the Christian perspective! The students are asked often in study questions to compare Hamlet's view with the Bible. Even from a non-spiritual-English teacher perspective this is so amazing! The depth of thought required to understand their own spiritual belief, apply it to the perceived belief of a character, compare it, and to analyze it. Not only do they gain a greater understanding of their own beliefs, the level of thinking is so much greater. Hamlet is so spiritually lost as a character, and it was neat from an apologetics standpoint for students to get an understanding of what does the Bible say to and about these situations.

Here's a couple of neat resources for Hamlet:
Veggie Tales Omlet

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