Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Games for Homeschooling

I love using games for homeschooling. I wish we made more time to play them more often! We all get focused on getting the list done and don't play as much as we should. I forget that kids (especially boys) learn so much better that way! Here's a few of the Ayers Family favorites:

1. Ayers Brain Ball - made with a $5 Nerf baskeball goal and ball. Very simple rules. If you get your question right - you get a point AND the opportunity to make a basket and get 1 additional point. I love this game because all levels can play together - I can mix various subjects; spelling words, math problems, science review, whatever.

2. Hyperdash - my ALL time favorite for Math review. I've seen the game on clearance at Walmart occasionally pretty cheap too. The game contains a sensor kids press over colored cones, up to 4 can play and the game will give each players time. My kids have to answer a math flashcard before they can press the sensor. Sometimes we place the cones far apart to make this a really active game! Works for various levels also. It is especially fun to let preschoolers play and just say the color of the cone instead of answering a math question.

3. Spelling Activity Cards - I found these SOMEWHERE on the web. I can't for the life of me find them again. It's pretty simple - the kids draw a card and have to spell a word using the "mode" on the card: spell like a robot, dribble the letters and shoot the word, Drum the letters on the table, funny voices, etc.

4. Jeopardy - I made a huge Jeopardy board out of typing paper and we get it out occasionally for a fun game reviewing all kinds of subjects. We lay it out on the floor and place colored paper over each space as it is used. I change out the titles; but generally I have categories like Spelling, Language, Science, Math, History, and a fun one with just zany stuff. I don't make up questions in advance, I just have a lot of their school books spread out before me and I make it up as I go along.

5. Math Games - I need LOTS of help with math; especially to make it fun! We use as many manipulatives as possible - everything I can get my hands on; musical math CD's, games, Wrap Ups, fun homemade counters. I love the ideas on the education world site too.

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