Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Life Book

The Life book is the coolest movement I have seen to reach students in a very long time. The entire project was founded by The Gideons as a way to reach high school students with God's Word. The Life book project is saturating public schools with a unique copy of God's Word, with the goal of putting them into every student's hands. The books are being distributed by students who are targeting their schools in a week long mission trip to their local high school. I believe public high schools are our greatest mission field - and can often feel as accessible as a closed country. It's all done free of charge to the local church - and perfectly legal. Life book even provides some instruction about how to go about it. The movement plans to reach 18 million high school students.

All these good intentions would be for nothing without a book that was truly going to reach them, something they would actually read. This is not your typical Gideon Bible! The Life Book is just an awesome book! It is very well done; cool, contemporary, youth -oriented. It presents an overview of the Old Testament, the story of salvation, and the book of John. The back has a help section with answers to questions about relationships, peer pressure, depression, and other practical issues. The book features 4 people's hand-written comments and real-life questions in the margins -kind of drawing you into a faith-seeking story that is really engaging.

I really love this little book! It is small, 5 inches by 5 inches, so it fits in your palm. It is just extremely well done. You can't pick it up without being drawn into it. What a fabulous project! I think youth groups ought to really get behind this program and get this book into schools!

For more information and to find out how to reach your school, see their website www.lifebook.com - you can actually see the whole Life Book on the website here's that specific link HERE.

The Life Book was provided by B&B Media and Life Book for the purposes of review only.

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