Monday, November 29, 2010

20 reasons I've loved my husband over 1/2 my life

Tuesday is my 19th Anniversary. It certainly seems I have loved this man my whole life - and I mean that in a good way. Here are just a few of the MANY reasons why:

1. He is an AMAZING dad. I mean I thought my dad was amazing and he is right there with him. I always prayed my husband would speak to situations in faith and prayer like my dad did - and he does. He has so much patience with our kids.
2. He makes me laugh. alot. Big, uncontrollable belly laughs. Hardly a day goes by that he doesn't have me laughing like crazy at something.

3. I can not stay mad at him. ever. not for even like two minutes. and believe me - I have tried. Anytime he wants to he can make me smile.

4. He loves God. And he is passionate about his faith. That's a pretty big one - and the reason for all the other reasons he's so great. Probably shoulda put that as reason #1.

5. He has this crazy, random sense of humor. He loves dumb commercials.

6. No one knows me better. As he reminds me often - I have been married to him OVER half my life. It's hard to believe was only 14 when I fell in love with him - and he's been my best friend ever since. It's neat to be in all each other's yearbook pictures, prom pictures.

7. He can read my thoughts. See #6. This is really helpful because half the time I don't know what I am thinking.

8. He works hard! He's not at all lazy. As a matter of fact sitting around is REALLY hard for him.

9. He can do anything. He's borderline genius. Seriously, I think he can fix or build anything.

10. He completes me. That was corny, I know, but his strengths are truly my weaknesses in so many ways.

11. He is always concerned with my safety.

12. He always handles the puking children. He has great sympathy for physical injuries. He rises to emergency assistance when our children are hurt - even though the sight of his own blood makes him kind of woozy. I kind of tend to be less sympathetic. He really jumps into action in those really overwhelming messes and I just tend to stand there, kind of overwhelmed about what to do first.

13. He has this solid understanding of things that my creative brain can't quite get around. Things mechanical, financial, mathematical... those ..."-cial" kinda complicated things.

14. He's my best friend and I really just like hanging out with him. We used to go to movies when were dating, so after kids, in the early years we would get a date and go to the movies. Now, I just want to go somewhere were we can talk and spend time together - be uninterrupted.

15. He is sensitive to the needs of others (he gets that from his mama). He always understands what one child is needing, makes an effort to relate to the love language of another one, he does things out of his comfort zone to meet the needs of his family.

16. He truly is all the things I hoped for in a husband, and then some.

17. He comes from a great family - and my family loves him maybe even more than me. There's no emotional baggage from a yucky past. And other than his family -I'm pretty much his past.

18. We agree on most major issues, we have similar standards in most areas. Granted I don't care near as much as he does how the toilet paper comes off the roll or how the towels are folded, but we agree on most things. We don't like cats. We love to hike. We have very similar styles and tastes. I understand his strange sense of humor, well most of the time.

19. He honors me - and makes sure the kids do to. He praises me in front of the children; even when it is about my cooking and probably not true. On the 31st of any month he calls me blessed.

20. He's almost 40 and he is still totally gorgeous. He has these dreamy dark brown eyes and when I look into them I just go weak in the knees just like I did when he was 16. He had more hair then, but then again I had BIG hair enough for the both of us then.

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