Monday, November 22, 2010

History Fair

We had our yearly homeschool History Fair this month. Ally and Anna Joy did their project on Auschwitz and other Nazi Concentration Camps. They ended up in 4th place. For their display they had the typical daily ration for each prisoner and a coat with a red X like prisoners wore. They really enjoyed reading The Hiding Place and I think that sparked their interest on the topic. They read Number the Stars and Someone Named Eva. They weren't too crazy about The Diary of Anne Frank - I think Anne wrote too much about liking boys and it got on their nerves.
I actually told all the kids at the beginning of the year that I wanted them to do some Texas History topics since that is the history we are studying this year. 'Course you can see how well that went over.
Daniel did his project on Presidential Pets. I'm not sure where that idea came from. It was actually pretty interesting to learn about. Last year he wanted to be Daniel Boone cause he could dress up in a cool outfit and wear a coonskin cap and carry a gun. With the younger kids it is all about the cool props or the costume.
Gracie kind of struggled. She wanted to do Hobos of the Great Depression, but her obsession with horses won out. She has read some neat things about Traveller, Robert E. Lee's horse and she chose another horse, John Key. Her project was titled, Two Famous Horses from History.
I'm not quite sure how I didn't end up with a picture of her project board, but it was really mostly about passing out the cookies anyway. Adults, kids, and grandparents kinda mill around talking to kids about their research and she likes drawin' them in with food. She did it last year with her johnny cakes for a pioneer project.

She knows that the way to make a great project is not to spend more time or effort on the project itself, but to put out some cookies to make it really special. So, she made some horseshoe shaped and boot shaped cookies to go with it. I'm not sure but I think the cookies were actually a last minute effort to improve a project she actually spent very little time on. She sure did make a mess cooking them too! :)
All the kids got some neat food coupons for prizes.

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